Monthly Archives: March 2011

Coaching and the Lost Art of Listening

We don’t teach children in school or even in college the art of listening, let alone coaching.

When you have a world of people filling 24-hour media outlets with content:

  • the loudest voice wins,
  • the wittiest comeback gets the laugh,
  • and people develop the need to be heard like never before.

This is surely why coaching has gained such popularity. It is responding to a need that is part of our modern condition. Along with the hand written letter, it reminds us of a time when things moved slower, and people had time to listen to others, time to think about their responses and their best side was shown to the world.

There is a whole generation of people who choose notoriety over significance every day in the world, and “people skills” are more about self promotion, shock value and even infamy than they are true connections with others. For this reason I believe there will be a need for coaches far beyond this present growth. It would be wonderful if families, spouses and friends could do this for each other, but until the world slows down enough to realize what’s missing, coaches will need to be there to understand people and help them to achieve their dreams.