The Power of Recommendation

Do you read movie reviews or ask your friends if they have seen any good films lately?

Do you ever carry newspaper endorsements into the voting booth with you?

Do you try new restaurants routinely, or wait for the “buzz”?

Do you “google” people to find out what you can before meeting or doing business?

Everyone relies on recommendations to make life easier and sometimes a whole lot safer.  We simply do not have time or money to do all of the research and testing we need to navigate in the complex world we live in.

This is “networking” in a broad sense, and Direct Sales companies and distributors wrote the book on this phenomenon long before the modern world began to rely so heavily on networking.

Direct Sellers cultivate relationships with people for many reasons. Quite often it is their natural personal style, and they have finally found a way to make that earn money for them. They develop relationships because combining them with great customer service and good product becomes the basis of their business.  That’s why people might choose one distributor over another within the same company. Someone has taken the time to get to know them, their family, their needs,  and found out how they want to be “sold” to. It is then that the magic of recommendation gets its “legs”.

In companies with MLM structures, this becomes the vehicle for the growth of teams and downlines. The product now becomes the opportunity, but the recommendation and relationship are what draws others to a leader and inspires them to bring their network along for the ride.

Next time you recommend a movie, ask yourself how much you are getting paid to endorse it, and whether Direct Sales and MLM opportunities might better use your powers of persuasion!


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One response to “The Power of Recommendation

  1. I like this post — and think that we are just scratching the surface of the topic. Social media is changing the game in ways that too many people are simply ignoring. Can’t wait for my copy of The Thank You Economy to arrive.

    Look forward to hearing more from you.

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