Nancy’s Nix on “Chick Flix”

As if we didn’t have enough things pulling men and women in different directions, we now have the phenomenon of movie stereotypes to contend with.

When I think of some of the films which men watched in the past (before chick flick) I think we are missing something. Movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Brian’s Song”, even the real oldie “How Green was my Valley” would undoubtedly not even be made today, because they would be seen as too sentimental and too emotional for men to view without embarrassment.

Now I hear couples say “that’s a chick flick, I don’t want to see that” or “REAL MEN don’t go to movies like that.” Apparently “real men” need violence and crass comedy, something they can BRAG about seeing.

I think one reason that animated films can get away with tenderness and move emotions is that they are made to be appreciated by a mixed audience of men and women, kids and adults; nobody seems to feel ashamed of shedding a tear.

We can only hope that the term “chick flick” is becoming irrelevant, and that people can start going to the movies together again without keeping score of “his” movies and “her” movies.

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