Coaching Direct Sales Professionals

In coaching with clients, the learning moves forward quite quickly. What I have discovered is that people need affirmation desperately, no matter how experienced or professional they are. When you can help them give themselves affirmation and then hand back what you have seen and heard, you can feel the good will and the joy in their voice.

The people I have coached have been Direct Sales professionals;  along with all the autonomy and flexibility there is often a sense of isolation and a lack of perspective.  “Am I doing it right?” “Is this the best I can do?” “If I don’t win the prize or earn the big dollars, am I doing something worthwhile with my life?”

Some might say that people know these answers or they probably would not choose direct sales, but it doesn’t change the fact that they need to hear these things spoken aloud by themselves and by their coach.

If we truly believe people are whole and complete, needing nothing but to hear the voice inside of them that knows the way, then we become the safe place, the understanding ear that allows them to move and grow and excel.

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