8 Steps to Doing MLM “Right”

We’ve all heard stories about people who have had terrible experiences with MLM companies that promise them millions, herd them in, push them out of the plane at 30,000 feet and let them fly.

This so often fails because it is all about “them” (the MLM marketer) and not about YOU (the “warm body”).

In order to do it “right” certain things are necessary:

  1. A product or service that you can be proud of…  Something of value, well-marketed
  2. An authentic “person” (YOU) who enjoys helping others be successful
  3. An inspiring attitude… positive, but no hype please
  4. An opportunity is offered…that will benefit and enrich someone’s life
  5. You are leader that others  like to be around…you can listen, laugh, be moved by others
  6. A winning team mentality…pride in association with others like minded
  7. You know what motivates each person…what their communication style is, their favorite type of recognition, etc.
  8. The ability to make things simple, and therefore possible to duplicate

With those things in place, you’ve got a great opportunity for creating success in your MLM business.

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