6 Steps to Putting Your Car in the Garage

Do you know that 25% of people with a two car garage park NO cars in them and only another 35% can park one car in there?

The garage is another area that suffers from “out of sight, out of mind” — until we find ourselves scraping ice from the windshield on a dark winter morning  while all of our “stuff”   stays  warm and cozy in the garage. Crazy.

1.  Shelves are a necessity for the garage, as they hold all the bins — which of course you label on the ends!

2.  What are the categories for garage bins?  Start with one each for:

  • paint and wallpaper supplies,
  • small hand and garden tools,
  • “consumable” items like trash and recycling supplies, light bulbs, string, bungee cords, packaging tape, a Stanley knife and scissors.

3.  A few more clear bins with lids will help capture balls, tees and shoes.  Add a few rolling trashcans for bats, hockey sticks and rackets.

4. If you save owner’s manuals for power tools, one clear bin could be dedicated to those.  I even keep a “cheat sheet” for how to start the snow blower (in language that makes sense to me) so that even after not using it for 8 months, I can start it when I need to.

5. This job is easier to tackle during good weather, when can leave things on the drive or in the yard while you tackle the job.

6. Get someone to help – or at least to keep you company while you work.

This is one of the bigger organizing tasks, and has one of the bigger “payoffs” as well…. some people actually get their cars back in the garage…imagine!

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