A Brand New Lens

Thoughts on caring for grandchildren…  all the clichés about having fun with them, spoiling them and then sending them home are true. That said,  I find myself watching every facial expression with a wiser eye…at times I think I see the little neurons firing as he grabs for something, turns it in his hand and slowly brings it right into his mouth…like radar. The fascination with the shiny things in his world, the lights and how they reflect off walls and ceilings, remind me that being so singly focused and fascinated by what we see belongs to all of us, only hidden in our inattention or stress.

Surprises can cause giggles EVERY time…there is no jaded
“I’ve seen that a million times, and something even better” judgments. When
someone offers food, you open your mouth and your arms and legs move as if to
say “this is exciting flavor! I want more!” Imagine saying that about strained
beans or oatmeal. The acceptance and delight that they feel seems easier to
recognize than it was in his father, and easier to replicate in myself.  It is almost like a second chance at pure sensory awe and all the simple emotions that resonate deeply within us. As he grows, there will be a need for discipline and rules, but today he is 7 months old, and I am so aware of how little I can remember about my own children at that age, and it seems so much more precious……

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