Music with a Message

Just for the record…I am an older American, and before I say anything about popular music, let me say I love nearly any kind of music, some more than others. The first thing that I do each morning is put the satellite radio on my favorite station, and it does not go off until dinnertime.

It is not “background” music either…I will stop if I like something I hear, go over and check the artist and in some cases go right to Amazon and order a CD. I cannot imagine my life without music and when I am in a professional setting where music is not appropriate, I miss it very much.

The point is, I “get” music differently than some people. I want to be excited by music, but also moved or “nurtured” by it.

It bothers me that the messages music has always had for me about life, romance, and other things seem to be so rare in music “of the moment”. What can people sing along with now, what can they whistle, what connects with them and will still connect in 5 years?

If you want a message, you might hear it in country music or even Broadway music, but the messages younger people are growing up with…I mean even toddlers whose parents expose them to the kid rock groups,  are not enduring. They don’t move people.

Something happened when rap, hip hop and dance club music came on the scene. Raw energy became the dominant experience of listening to pop music. My children are in their 30’s and often listen to classic rock because they identify with the message and the music moves them. I don’t know what my grandchildren will play when they are 20 years old. I guess if I am blessed to live that long, I can introduce them to the Great American songbook.

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