6 Steps to an Organized Closet

Why are there hundreds of products to help organize that closet?  It’s because we all have too much stuff in there, and we tend to just “close the door” on the clutter and procrastinate. Here are a few simple things to help….

1. When you tackle closet organization, allow enought time, and have several large plastic trash bags available. Invite a friend to help you determine what truly looks good on you and what is out of date. One bag should be what doesn’t fit or is out of style…we’ll say sell or donate, one that is embarrassing and needs to be discarded (enough storing of ripped and stained!) and one to repair/clean/keep.

2. As you go, hang things so that the hangers all face the same direction ( I even use all the same type and color for tops, another for pants, etc). Messy closets are expensive, causing us to waste money buying those great black pants….when we have 6 more hanging in our closet that we haven’t seen for the last 6 months and have forgotten about!

3. Arrange items by season, sleeve length, fabric type….if you live in a changeable climate, you won’t look through 10 velour hoodies for that sleeveless tank you need.

4. There’s lots of great advice available about organizing closets.  One of my favorites is the “one in one out” rule: it’s fine to buy that great new shirt, but as you hang it up when you get it home, you must choose one item to donate or discard. But this works only if your closet is already pretty organized.

5. The more visually appealing you can make your closet, the more it will support you. Invest in some new hangars, including a few for suits and pants that will hang things without causing them to lose shape.

6. Save some of that dry cleaning plastic for your out of season items or Dress clothes. Keeping it on other items just creates visual clutter and you can’t see the item with the plastic on anyway. But do keep things cleaned and pressed, so that you have more real choices when you need them. If our closet is organized, we wear items and colors that flatter us; if it’s not we tend to grab the first thing we see that is reasonably clean and pressed, and that is not efficient use of our clothing dollars.

What does the 80/20 rule have to do with your closet?  Just like 20% of  sellers produce 80% of the sales, only 20% of our wardrobe is worn 80% of the time. If you don’t like those odds, discard, recycle, reorganize your closet and get that percentage up and give yourself the gift of a clutter free life.

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