Organizing with the Stars

When you think of celebrities, who do you think of as “organized” and who is “unorganized?”

Can you see how a person’s “image” projects to the public, and were you surprised at who you wrote down? Maybe under “organized” you wrote Jerry Seinfeld, Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory, Frasier and Niles Crane, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey?

Under “unorganized?” Robin Williams, Joey on Friends, Kramer on Seinfeld, Penny on the Big Bang.  Can you see why?

Their character or personality left an impression with you that made you associate them with being organized or disorganized. Think for a moment about what your public image might be saying about you. Do you arrive at meetings frazzled, looking for a pen, shuffling papers to find what you need…do you miss paying bills on time because they are lost in a pile somewhere? Do you pay penalties on things because you missed the cut off date?

Wanna be a superstar in your field?  Improved organization may be something you need to take a look at!

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