What Breast Cancer Gave Me

Yes, I know the title seems odd, maybe you were thinking what breast cancer takes from people, and indeed, in far too many cases it takes the ultimate toll.  However, if you are blessed to be a survivor (11 years for me) you can begin to see some of the amazing lessons that such a serious illness can teach you.

Some of the obvious lessons are “Take nothing for granted”  or “Live life gratefully.”  But I learned some even more subtle things such as “Learn what truly makes you happy” and “Don’t apologize for even one more minute for being “too” anything…old, overweight, detailed, serious…”  I think that’s enough of THAT! 🙂

There are lots of situations that allow us to take a serious look at our lives.  What they have in common is that they will all tell us things about our lives and ourselves.  Whatever that is, learn to embrace it.

Cancer taught me that I will always be about learning and self development… but never again because what I am is not enough. It gives me great joy to become someone a little more knowledgeable and a little less intimidated.

I’ve have also developed a deeper appreciation for the people who love me just the way I am.  The lens of breast cancer has shown me even more about the beautiful, loving people they are…. and through them I continue to learn, little by little, to see myself with that same lens.

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