A Record of Decoration

Another great time and money saver is a small photo book with clear sleeves. These can almost always be found in the clearance bins.

  • When you have a room painted, put the date on a note card; include the store, paint color, how much you used, and even the formula printout that places like Home Depot provide. This way if you need to repaint and want to match, there it is. Need another gallon? Bring the notebook in the store with you.
  • In another sleeve you can put a fabric swatch, how much fabric you used for those curtains if you sew or a snip of hem if you don’t, and bring the book to the store to choose paint. Also, include details such as: how long ago did those drapes get put up? What is the cleaning or washing history?
  • When you purchase a new appliance, record the date, and the serial number. It is not important to save manuals, as they are available online when you have a manufacturer and a serial number.
  • You can also include such things as plant records…how many of what annual you used…take the book with you back to the store in the spring so you have a better idea of how many plants it took to fill the flowerpots, how much mulch to cover each area.

Imagine saving all the time you now spend going back to the store for another flat of petunias and just “one more bag” of mulch.

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