The More You Give…

Most people might say…the more your give, the more you get. In his book “Go Givers Sell More,” Bob Burg   writes about ideas that will shift our paradigms to believe that the more you give, the more your capacity to be of service grows and the more you stop “keeping score”.

When it is “all about me” there is always energy spent around judging the worth of our thoughts and ideas, and so often this becomes a negative spiral which hobbles us.  Bob suggests we separate our economic needs and our emotional needs when he says….

“Emotional clarity is your understanding that there
is a difference between your economic need (which is real) and your emotional
need for this person to be the solution to that economic need. Emotional discipline is your ability to hold onto that clarity and consistently choose your responses to each situation, rather than reacting impulsively. By posture we don’t mean acting phony, pretending to be someone you’re not, or “fake it till you make it”. Quite the contrary. By posture we mean shaking off your doubts and insecurities and stepping into the  truth of who you are and the value of what you have to offer, without emotional attachment to any specific outcome.”

We have all at some point “acted” out of character, maybe
even “out of” integrity….  we did not do the right thing (in line with our
beliefs) or tried to be something we were not. The results leave us feeling
hollow and out of balance.

The more we can be wholly ourselves and yet wholly
aware of others and of service to them, the more that we have to offer and the
more in sync we are with ourselves.

So it seems that when we act with authenticity, leaving our baggage behind and not “making it all about us” we open the door for the wonderful experiences that truly connected interactions with other people can bring.

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