Keeping Kitchen Clutter off the Menu

Kitchen organization is a big but rewarding task.  Let’s get started.

  1. Keep ONLY everyday used items on the countertop, and décor out of the food preparation areas altogether for sanitation reasons.
  2. Set up zones: mugs near the coffeemaker, dishes near the dishwasher, maybe an inexpensive wire mesh cube for small storage container organization. These baskets and bins that hold things are great for taller cabinet shelves and save you from losing all those lids and being unable to use your storage ware.
  3. Use space vertically wherever you can, like hooks under top cabinets for coffee mugs, even a spice rack that attaches to the bottom of a cabinet. If spices must be stored inside a cabinet, consider risers for visibility. That way, you won’t go out and buy another jar of dill weed because you don’t know you have two already, buried behind everything.
  4. Speaking of spices, there is a website called www.spicecheckchallenge.comfor information about the shelf life of spices as well as the decoder for number and letters which will tell you how old that jar is.
  5. Sensibly, heavier things go below the countertop…less damage, and if they fall, it’s not on your head.
  6. While we’re in the kitchen, you might want to set up a notebook with 10 – 15 of your family’s favorite menus.  List the ingredients on a separate page and buy items in bulk so your pantry items are always there.
  7. Many supermarkets provide a map of the store, enabling you to put together your shopping list in order.  No more backtracking to the cereal aisle.

Investing time to plan and organize will save you time and money in the future.

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