She Who Lives with the Least…..

Let’s admit  that the biggest reason we have  organizational problems than our parents did not have is because we have so much more “stuff.”  Modern life seems to load us up with physical objects and gadgets and all kinds of mental clutter and “noise.”

You’ve heard phrases like “whoever dies with the most toys wins?” To enjoy the serenity of an organized life perhaps our goal should be a new phrase.  I propose “she who lives with the least clutter wins”.

Looked at very simply, clutter is “stuff” that has gotten away from us…grown too big too fast, been delayed in dealing with and  never purged. When I use the term purge, I think of it as making a decision to keep or discard things.  It’s an important first step —   it makes no sense to organize or make systems around unnecessary, outdated and unneeded items.

I can talk forever about the benefits of purging and simplifying the “stuff” that you live with.  Ultimately, you will be organizing your stuff.  But, wherever you are in the process, my wish for you is to embrace and experience the liberating feeling of living without clutter and chaos.  Experience how much clearer your head is, how much friendlier your environment feels… and how much more time you have to LIVE!

One response to “She Who Lives with the Least…..

  1. Your words are so true….since i have been ” downsizing” my clutter i have never felt so more on top of things…..i realized a while back if i hadn’t used it , worn it or made it in the last year i probably never would….I now have the ability to find things faster, answer questions more quickly and be on top of my business…..thanks for the advice ..keep the suggestions coming ..i love them…donna sims

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