Organizing the Big Picture

A project that never seems to get done is organizing and sorting the photos you have kept.

I know that computers are great ways to keep photos, but I am a Mom and Grandma, and I need photos you can hold in your hand and show to other grandmas, so I tackled this chore last summer. This is truly a MARATHON event, not a sprint, so be patient, enjoy the process as well as the result.

I have three children and three grandchildren, and they all got their own album. In addition, I set up an album for:

  • each wedding,
  • family trips,
  • friends we spend time with,
  • Christmas gatherings,
  • anniversary parties.

I even have one album just for the Christmas photos I get in cards each year!

90% of the time spent on this project will be in sorting, labeling and dating photos.  Put them on cookie sheets, in box lids — anything that is shallow and can be stacked when you need to put things away for another day.

Which pictures should you throw away?

How about the duplicates, along with the ones that are too dark, the blurry ones, the unknown scenery and people?

Elderly family members are great resources for dating photos and identifying who is in the picture. This is a great activity for homebound seniors to help you with.

When you are finished (in my case it took about 20 hours) honor your work and your photos by storing them in a clean and dry location. Looking  at a neat row of completed albums will remind you – anything’s possible when you look at the big picture!

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