Leads in Business

“Leads” is a word everyone in business is familiar with. We want them, we often mishandle them, and sometimes let them “ferment” in a folder or drawer. They are potential customers, potential team members, someone who was comfortable enough with us to share private information. They do have a shelf life….they work best within 48 hours of your acquiring them…you are still in the “space” with them and chances are good they remember meeting you. Plus, you obviously were professional enough to be prompt in your follow up, which says a lot about you. So, call these people with one of three outcomes in mind, and the fear of a “no” will die down.  They may want to buy your product, join your company, or refer someone else to you. The most important thing you can gain from the call is a good feeling about your company and you. Not a pesty, stalker approach, just prompt, friendly connection. Voila!

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