Monthly Archives: January 2013

The multi tasking irony

Just as multi-tasking seems to gain a daily hold on all of our lives, here come those statistics that tell us that it is highly dangerous when it involves operating a motor vehicle, and then irony or ironies, that it is not even effective.

We are not talking about routine jobs that involve no danger, like washing dishes or folding clothes that you do as you talk to someone else or listen to music, but about those often work related tasks that we fool ourselves into thinking we are being so efficient and so smart about, such as listening to a conference call while we are checking email or texting someone. This has become alarming at colleges and universities, where students are sitting in class, listening to the professor, while surfing the net, ordering products, some even watching pornography.

We may feel justified in some of this by saying we cannot afford the time, cannot fall behind, need to use our time to do more, but the facts emerging are telling us we are doing a miserable job at ALL the tasks we attempt in multi tasking. Students are not retaining, employees are not up to speed, are responding inappropriately and jeopardizing their future employment.

It takes discipline to stay with one task and give it your all, but even when we do that, we cannot maximize the moment, so overloading those brain circuits with random overlays of information is just compounding the problem.

Let’s try and catch ourselves in 2013, and except in bening situations, realize that multi tasking is a myth and is diminishing us all.