Living more simply

Living more simply may be an honorable goal, one that will give us lasting satisfaction, but let’s be honest about how hard that is to do. We gain some security from having the latest, most convenient, multiples of things we cannot live without.

Not one person who decided to buy one of those mini homes, gave away or sold all but the essentials, purged their garage, basement, closets has come back and said it was a mistake. This is because something worthwhile is usually piled under the clutter…maybe a truer appreciation for what we truly NEED and not just WANT, maybe people, experiences, truly beautiful “small things” can find a place in our consciousness without all the clutter.

People often say when we are young we are in the “accumulating” phase of life….a spouse, children, a career, a home, just the right dish for each type of food, decor appropriate for each season. It starts to become a challenge to store it, to appreciate it, to truly “savor” things in life.

No one is suggesting that you radically change anything, but what do those Buddhist monks, people who volunteer in foreign countries, people who consciously “down size” their posessions have that we do not? Less worry, anxiety, concern for the stuff that clutters our lives. Maybe they know something we don’t?

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