Tax time

Taking an hour or so to organize tax information is a smart thing to do for many reasons. If you are turning this over to a professional, you will get all of their energy focused on saving you money, not on finding that missing document in the clutter of that “box” you gave them. If you are doing them yourself….enough said.

I use paper that I am recycling and a roll of tape. Tape small receipts to the paper and limit that paper to just office supplies, or restaurant receipts. If you have time, add up what is on each of those sheets and write it at the top and circle it. Your accountant will love you.

Divide up your income (W-2 forms etc) Your expenses, your charitable contributions and clip each category together.

This time spent preparing for having your taxes done (or doing them yourself) will suddently become easier, less stressed and focused on the right things.

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