Shoe storage tip

As an organizer, I have helped people get a handle on run away stuff. For women at least, there is often a shoe issue.
It is also generational. Younger women are willing to sacrifice comfort for style and trendiness, as they mature they may keep those
cute shoes that kill their feet, but hardly wear them at all. At some point we get to not buying shoes that don’t feel good.
In between there is a lot of shoe storage going on.

Have fun with this, enlist your kids in the game. Line up the shoes by color, starting at the back door and working your way to the front door.
You can immediately see where your impulse buys are, your painful shoes are. Purging becomes easier as you choose only the most comfortable or most flattering shoes in any color or category. You’re going to buy more shoes at some point, and once you have purged your current stash, you can promise yourself that every time you buy a pair, another pair gets donated or trashed. I guarantee you will wear what you do have with less pain and have more closet space also .

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