Monthly Archives: October 2013

Holiday planning

You know the reality..Halloween is not yet passsed, and the Christmas retail surge is waiting in the wings.

If you like to send Christmas cards like I do, you may have purchased some on sale after the last holiday, or may have your eye on some you have seen in the store.

Decide when you want your cards to arrive, and back up a week or two depending on your other commitments.

This gives you the chance to choose each card, greeting, notes or signatures with care and while you have some time.

Typically the later cards I receive are the photo cards, so these really need some September planning to get ahead of the rush.

As cards come in I check them against a computer list for address changes, correcting and updating this list. Before I close out the
holiday clean up I update the info on the computer for next year.

People often tell me that mine is the first card they receive and feel the holiday season begins with that card…nice.