Values of the Game (excerpts)

Imagination allows us to escape the predictable. Artists, scientists and poets use the power of imagination

every day. For those of us who found it in playing the game, it has shaped our joy in countless ways. It has

enriched our experience and allowed us to feel the thrill of fresh creation. It has put us in touch with what most

makes us human. Above all, it enables us to see beyond the moment…to transcend our circumstances, however

dire they appear…and to reply to the common wisdom that says we cannot soar by saying…”just watch!”

When you inspire others to do the same, that’s leadership. Leadership means getting people to think, believe,

see and do what they might not have without you. The great leaders in basketball have never been afraid of change

and they have led from the strength of their own convictions. And above all, they have brought out the best in the

people they led.

Bill Bradley  1998

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