Direct Sales

Why are so many women attracted to the direct sales field?

While there are undoubtedly many reasons, some very unique and personal, there are a few big reasons that come up time after time.

Despite many changes and liberating moments, women still struggle with self esteem issues.

  • Direct sales is a place to create your opportunity, select your community and culture and build yourself in an environment without being “judged.”
  • There are no physical barriers, no interview process, no rejection concerns, and no glass ceiling.
  • At its best direct sales nurtures, develops and supports women as they learn new skills, develop business awareness and learn what potential they have for success.

They can do this all while still being wife, mother, and even employee of another company or business.

Another thing direct sales can do is provide immediate income for women in times of economic crisis. Single mothers, unemployed spouses, even illness or disability can create the need for immediate income to provide basic necessities, and direct sales is uniquely able to “turn around” such situations quite quickly.

Once the immediate concerns of food and utilities have been met, direct sales can provide a woman with a future.

  • She begins to grow in self esteem and skill.
  • She is helping her family in a new, concrete manner.
  • As she is coached and encouraged by others in the field, the rest of her hopes and dreams may now seem achievable.

She really can see herself finishing her education, sending her children to better schools, saving for better housing, whatever dreams may have been deferred.

Direct sales provides hope to people that they can make a change in their lives, that by hard work and focus they can succeed and possibly even pass that torch to someone else, making the circle is complete.