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Spring Cleaning for your Mind

Some great advice from Jeanette Bessinger

  1. Mind your own business…yours, mine or God’s?
  2. Let go of the need to be right..would you rather be right or be close to people?
  3. Stop blaming, shaming and complaining…take control of what you tell yourself about ¬†your life
  4. Stop trying to please and impress won’t die
  5. Clean up unfinished business…you’ll feel lighter
  6. Forgive someone…see number 5
  7. If you’re in the wrong, make it right…owning up means it won’t own you
  8. Let go of are enough
  9. Let go of self limiting beliefs..don’t believe everything you think
  10. Stop mismanaging your emotions..feel what you feel, don’t push it down…then you can let it go